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I am a writer/author whose works has appeared on blogs, books and magazines. I also design graphics that creates brand awareness for businesses. You will find samples of my work in the links below.

Review: AṢA’s “V” screams “commercial appeal” … and trying to explore new horizons | Kulture

Asa, often regarded as a living legend and the greatest Nigerian alternative artiste of all time, recently released a new project titled “V”. The eclectic body of work is her first project since Lucid (2019), which is my favorite project of hers. Bukola “Asa” Elemide has garnered a lot of respect today because of her eminent musicality, vivid storytelling and lyricism, with a voice that embodies her uniqueness as an artiste. But you wouldn’t have to go too far on her new album to figure out tha

Top 5 Female Christian Artists You Should Listen To In 2022

Many people all across the world continue to be drawn to Christian music. It’s now accessible in a variety of forms, ranging from heartfelt ballads to upbeat and enthusiastic praise and worship anthems. Notwithstanding the fact that the number of men in Gospel music continues to rise year after year, the names on the modern Christian music charts are still littered with female artists. Good music necessitates good voices, and today’s Christian music scene includes many female artists who sing/r

How Do I Define My Faith As A Christian

The topic: Defining your Faith as a Christian is a crucial one, for as we journey through life, we often get to that point in time where our minds begin to ask questions. Profound questions about God, Christianity, Religion, Relationships, People, and Life generally. And as Christians, one question that never fails to appear on the surface of our minds, is the question of our Faith. With all the ideologies, misconceptions, beliefs, religions and doctrines prostituted in this present generation,

Legion: A Mount Zion Movie Review

The Mount Zion Film Ministry’s first introduction into the movie industry dates as far back as 1992, this was subsequently followed by some major hits in 2005 and 2008. Most of these movies were written, directed, and produced by Mike Bamiloye, the founder of the ministry. One of the most beautiful things to witness to date is the ministry’s seamless transition into making movies that meet the present needs of the body of Christ, despite the current trends. Recently, the ministry has focused on

Powerful Lessons From The Never-saddled Colt

While we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, my mind wanders off to one of the unsung demonstrations of Christ’s resurrecting power. My mind wandered off and perched on the story of The Colt, the young donkey that Jesus rode triumphantly into the city of Jerusalem in Mark 11:1-11. Studying this Colt, I saw a reflection of myself written in his story. He was probably as young as I am, wild-eyed, naive and a little stupid. I guess he was the stubborn—recalcitrant type, scared to the bones but

Top 10 Christian Songs To Listen To In Tough Times

They say, “tough times don’t last, but tough people do”. But with everything 2020 has brought and keeps bringing, you can’t be sure if there are much tough people left. The pandemic, the death rate, the civil unrest and everything that has deprived man of peace, are huge testaments to the tough times that we are in; which has driven a lot of people into grieve, brokenness, depression and suicide. In times like this, people resort to different things to get through this phase. And one of tho

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I am a highly creative and versatile content writer, social media manager and graphics designer with 2+ years experience in writing and designing
for brands like ArtHub, Goldchek Pharmaceuticals, Kulture Magazine and Daachiever Inc. I'm looking to utilize my expertise and help brands and businesses achieve their goals.

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